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Subject: For $620K, You Too Can Own a Jet-Powered Batmobile

Written By: Claybricks on 09/03/11 at 5:04 pm

For $620K, You Too Can Own a Jet-Powered Batmobile

By David Murphy

September 3, 2011 03:50pm EST

The Batmobile? On sale? Where do we sign up?

Not so fast, caped crusader enthusiasts. While it's true–the Batmobile is indeed on sale–there's always a catch that comes with such a high-profile announcement. For starters, the Batmobile isn't actually on sale. By that, we mean the actual vehicle found in Tim Burton's 1989 film Batman. What's up on eBay and making all the geek headlines is a beautiful replica of the Batmobile that's been design and manufactured by Casey Putsch of Dublin, Ohio's Putsch Racing.

Don't just assume that the "replica" is a mere prop, or a non-functional recreation that might look good in one's garage but has no actual way to drive there on its own. Putsch's Batmobile is completely street legal and operational–despite its 20-foot-long and 7.5-foot-wide size. And the uniqueness of its engine, we note: A 385-horsepower Boeing turboshaft engine that accepts kerosene, diesel, or jet fuel.

Since we live in the modern era, and not the late 1980s, Putsch has also outfitted his Batmobile with a few extra conveniences that you might not find in even your average luxury vehicle. For starters, Batman wannabes now get to play with an iPad 2 that's been mounted directly into the dashboard. The device, the 3G variant of the tablet, serves as an avionics system and GPS device all in one.

So just how much will the Batmobile set you back? A cool $620,000 as of this article's writing, and there's no indication of just how much it might cost to maintain the car on a yearly basis. Putsch claims that annual maintenance on the Batmobile is actually less than that of a standard production car. And, no, the car's hotter-than-average exhaust gasses won't destroy anyone who dares to idle up behind your Dark Knight of a ride.

Given the impressive whine of the turboshaft engine, however, you might very well make your fellow street drivers deaf.,2817,2392420,00.asp

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