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Subject: Decadeology - what it is and why it is banned! Please read.

Written By: Tam on 04/18/12 at 1:14 am

There is now Zero Tolerance  of decadeology.

It's not original, it's not in the least bit interesting, and it's being used by a small cadre of individuals who all got banned ages ago as a means to rile up people. Since we can no longer ignore, we just have to ban it entirely. 

No one, and I mean no one, would ever come up with stupid topics like this if they weren't trying to tick people off. I've never seen it anywhere else on any other forum.  From here on out, it's a zero tolerance policy on the crap.  Not even going to warn people anymore, just going to ban and block.

Decadeology is not tolerated on the forum and all topics found as such will be promptly deleted. You will directed to this thread for reference.

What is decadeology?

~ Decadeology is the discussion and/or comparison of two or more years or decades that have no bearing on one another. ~

You can go into as much detail or analysis about a year, decade, and so on as you like. Threads like (hypothetical names here) "Why 1994 was great", "My favorite year of the 80s" or "Why the 60s ruled" are okay. Histories and timelines are fine as well.

If one is inclined to look hard enough, I'm sure any year (or decade) x can be found to have similarities to year or decade y. Such decadeology topics lead absolutely nowhere, and while some topics here do not have a real purpose, decadeology's purpose is only to replicate itself ad infinitum.

A secondary characteristic of decadeology: if someone can create 100 nearly identical topics from your post, it's probably decadeology. For example:

"What did people think of the '80s in 1994?" leads to

"What did people think of the '80s in 1993?"
"What did people think of the '80s in 1992?"
"What did people think of the '80s in 1991?"
"What did people think of the '80s in 1990?"

and so on.

A better topic might be "What did people think of the 80s in the 90s?" or better still "How were the 80s perceived in the 90s?. That way you open up the discussion to more than one year, and it's all encompassing. It's still a grey area, but I can't create 100 basically identical topics from that question.

Please also note that all previous decadeology topics that have not already been removed will be locked down or deleted if they are posted in.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM one of the Lead Moderators.

inthe00s Admin and Moderators

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