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Subject: Christopher Nolan discusses his cancelled Halloween reboot

Written By: ChrisBodilyTM on 03/31/13 at 12:14 pm

March 21, 2013

BURBANK, California -- Acclaimed director Christopher Nolan -- who is busy producing Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, and will soon helm the science fiction film Interstellar -- has recently revealed that he, brother Jonathan Nolan, and Dark Knight Trilogy co-writer David S. Goyer provided their own take on a possible next installment of the popular Halloween franchise.

“In 2010, shortly after Inception was released, I was contacted out of the blue about working on the next Halloween film,” Nolan wrote in a lengthy series of posts on his official Facebook from Friday March 15 to Thursday March 21. “I never thought in a million years that someone of my newfound stature would be asked to helm a film with Michael Myers.”

According to the famed director, producer Malek Akkad had contacted him out of the blue. “He had just come back from seeing Inception, which he loved. He told me he loved Memento, Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight, as well,” Nolan said. “He told me that he and the Weinstein Brothers had made two Halloween films with Rob Zombie, but the last one wasn’t successful by any stretch of the imagination. Not to mention the remake divided the fan base evenly in half. I thought, Why the hell would I do a Halloween film?

I curiously said yes, I met with the Weinsteins, and then it was time to write the script. I admit I didn’t know a whole lot about Halloween at the time, so I let Jonah and David S. Goyer write the first draft while I watched all ten Halloweens. That includes the classic original, the great Halloweens 2, 4, and H20; the Myerless Halloween III: Season of the Witch; the questionable Halloweens 5 and 6; the well-intentioned remake; and the horrible Halloween 8 and Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, which is a sequel to the remake.

When Jonah showed me his first draft of his screenplay, it was 400 pages long or something! It had all this crazy stuff in it. As part of a primer when he handed it to me, he said, 'You've got to think of David Copperfield which, of course, you've read.' I said, 'Absolutely.' I read the script and was a little baffled by a few things and realized that I'd never read David Copperfield! It was just one of those things that I thought I had done. Then I got it, read it and absolutely loved it and got completely what he was talking about... When I did my draft on the script, it was all about David Copperfield."

Nolan first began revealing details about his new vision for the movie series on Facebook. Such was the interest caused by the posts, he ultimately made a video interview which he uploaded to Youtube and Vimeo, further explaining his ideas.

"Jonah, David, and I wanted Michael Myers to be completely unrelated to Judith and Laurie. In fact, we decided we didn’t want Laurie at all. But we did include her father, whom we named Jerry, since he’s selling the Myers House as in the original and also in the Rob Zombie version.

Michael Myers, an only child, murdered his babysitter -- coincidentally named Judith Myers -- on Halloween Night 1963. What follows is more or less the classic story, but replacing Laurie, Annie, and Lynda with new characters (with different personalities) to freshen things up.

Danielle Curtis is basically Laurie. Nancy Harris (as the name might imply) is the new Annie, except she’s not the smart aleck that Annie is. She and Amber Clooney are a lot less sexually promiscuous than Annie and Lynda. Amber would never overuse the word ‘Totally!’

I wanted to bring back the idea of Michael Myers as the Shape. I wanted to do away with the backstory and motives that Rob Zombie gave him in the two films. I wanted sheer suspense and tension, versus the blood and gore of the sequels. I wanted to go back to what John Carpenter did with the original."

The film was set to be shot in IMAX and distributed by both The Weinstein Company’s Dimension Films imprint and Warner Bros. but “plans fell through somewhere down the line. I’m not exactly sure what happened. They moved on, and so did I.”

The film is still in development hell.

Nolan ended his revelation with a mockup film poster and his cast before the Weinsteins pulled the plug yet again:

Dr. Sam Loomis… Michael Caine
Sheriff Leigh Brackett… Gary Oldman
Michael Myers… Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Danielle Curtis… Ellen Page
Nancy Harris… Unknown actress
Amber Clooney… Unknown actress
Dr. Terrence Wynn… Morgan Freeman
Jerry Strode… Richard Jenkins
Young Michael Myers… Daeg Faerch
Seth Myers… Leonardo DiCaprio
Charlotte Myers… Maggie Gyllenhaal
Big Joe Grizzly… Ken Watanabe

Source: Ain't It Cool News

Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite directors now, and I love Halloween. But he doesn't seem to be the first person you'd think of to helm the typical next installment of a popular horror movie franchise. They usually go for Joe Blow the music video director or some (relative) noob. But I'm all for this. Make it happen, Hollywood.

Subject: Re: Christopher Nolan discusses his cancelled Halloween reboot

Written By: whistledog on 03/31/13 at 3:57 pm

There doesn't even need to be a Halloween reboot. 


Subject: Re: Christopher Nolan discusses his cancelled Halloween reboot

Written By: RG1995 on 03/31/13 at 4:27 pm

If done right, I don't mind reboots. This could've been cool.

Subject: Re: Christopher Nolan discusses his cancelled Halloween reboot

Written By: ChrisBodilyTM on 04/01/13 at 8:43 pm

I guess it's time to say...


If you actually fell for it, then I did my job. :)

Have a fun April Fool's Day, everybody!

Subject: Re: Christopher Nolan discusses his cancelled Halloween reboot

Written By: RG1995 on 04/01/13 at 9:31 pm

You posted that on March 31

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