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Subject: Gotta Love Bureaucracy

Written By: LyricBoy on 05/13/13 at 6:37 pm

I work for a privately owned company.  Fair sized, but more than 1000 employees and it is all owned by my boss.  His daughter works there too.

Every year we send a birthday card out to each employee.

So today the daughter calls me up and asks "LB, did you know that several ex employees and a few dead people have been sending out birthday cards for us?"  When I asked what she meant, she showed me the form-letter that goes out.  Very frilly with balloons and whatnot, with the signatures of all sorts of employees on it, congratulating the recipient on hitting another milestone.  Half of the names either no longer work for us, and quite a few have been dead for years.

So I get the people responsible for the fiasco on the phone and advise them that the owner's daughter will come up with a new birthday card that only includes living people... who still work for us... as well wishers.  The response I got was...

"LB, do you want us to stop sending out these birthday cards until she gets the new one made up?".

Gotta love bureaucracy!  ;D

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