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Subject: Favorite Family "Tall Tale"

Written By: LyricBoy on 06/15/13 at 8:14 am

OK, I thought I would mix things up here a little bit.  You know, pretty much every family has its "purveyor of tall tales".  You know, the cousin or uncle who has these stories that while they are really compelling and really cool-sounding, upon reflection you know that it they are absolute horse puckey.  You really, REALLY want to believe that story but deep down you know it's BS.

So I started this thread to see what y'all have.  I'll start off with mine.

I have a cousin who used to be a highly placed figure in a major labor union (that part indeed is true).  However he claims that back in the 1970's during a labor action, he "punched out Lorne Greene" (yeah, the Bonanza dude).  But it gets better. At the time he assaulted Mr. Greene, ol' Pa Cartwright was standing between two state cops and they did nothing about it.  8)  ;D

Mind you my cuz was in his twenties at the time of the alleged act, and Lorne by my estimate was well into his 60's.  So that might take the "cool factor" down a notch but, hey, we're talking LORNE GREENE here along with two state cops cowered by my all-powerful cuz.  :P

So... y'all got any "family myths" you'd care to share?  ???

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