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Subject: Do you find the struggling, single father stereotype attractive?

Written By: The Valley Goth on 08/09/13 at 10:00 pm

Like, Hi, Fer Shurr,

Lately, I've found that I am seeing the hotness of the stereotype of the struggling, single American father.  He's typically either thin, or sort of overweight, and he's always over-worked, under-paid, struggling to care for his kids, and radiating a sort of animalistic, yet attractive, depressed lumberjack vibe!

Blame Flynn Rider and Kristoff, if you will (Flynn Rider is Disney's version of the aforementioned guy)...and a few guys whom I've met...

I really don't know why I find this stereotype so attractive, but, whenever I think of the aforementioned type of guy, I say to myself "I want HIM!"

So, ladies, do you agree with me, or do you think that I'm certifiably insane?

So, guys (especially the type of guys whom I've referenced), are you totally offended, flattered, or...what?

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