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Subject: 2014 is The Year of the in Jack-in-the-Box's Bork!

Written By: The Valley Goth on 02/20/14 at 4:40 am

Like, Hi, Fer Shurr,

I am absolutely ADDICTED to Jack-in-the-Box's new Bacon Insider/ Bork commercial (Said commercial can be seen on YouTube in its English AND Spanish versions, and believe me, the Spanish version is TOTALLY different from the English version, because it features these guys who are wearing cowboy boots with long, upturned toes)!  I love the commercial, the jingle, and ESPECIALLY that absolutely adorable bork (the cow-patterned pig with horns)!

I want a "moinking" bork of my very own; Jack-in-the-Box SHOULD sell a plastic bork that says "moink" whenever you press its back, or its head, or whatever...'cause I'm absolutely in LOVE with that bork...not really in a totally romantic way, but in an addicted way!

Of course, I've never been with a guy who has a clown head, so I have to say that Jack is looking fairly hot to me these days, too!

Well, anyway, what do YOU think of the newest Jack-in-the-Box commercial?

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