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Subject: New Mad Max movie thrills critics

Written By: Philip Eno on 05/11/15 at 12:48 pm

Most reviewers have awarded the action-packed epic four or five stars, with The Daily Telegraph describing it as a "Krakatoan eruption of craziness".

The film sees British actor Tom Hardy take on Mel Gibson's role as "Road Warrior" Max Rockatansky.

Charlize Theron also appears in the futuristic drama, which is set for release in the UK and US on Friday.

Also awarding it five stars, Time Out's David Ehrlich said watching director George Miller's film was like "a tornado tearing through a tea party".

He added: "Fury Road steers this macho franchise in a brilliant new direction, forging a mythical portrait about the need for female rule in a world where men need to be saved from themselves."

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