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Subject: Pan film panned

Written By: Philip Eno on 09/21/15 at 1:09 pm

Pan had its world premiere on Sunday in central London. Here's what the critics have been saying about Joe Wright's film, a prequel to J M Barrie's story that reveals how Peter Pan came to be in Neverland.

Hollywood Reporter: "Pan hatches an entirely unnecessary origins story for a wonderful tale that has already been held up to the light from many different angles."

Variety: "At no point in the entire film is any character allowed to have any fun at all, which is a rather devastating flaw for a movie that's supposed to be set in an eternal wonderland of play and arrested childhood innocence."

Screen Daily: "Bright production design and a keen sense of movement make the movie a pleasant-enough watch, but can't mask the obvious: this is an origin story to a familiar narrative, with all the world-building and nods and winks that follow."

The Wrap: "Pan is, for the most part, ugly to look at, shrill to listen to, and performed by actors who have been encouraged to camp it up madly in the style usually favoured by ageing British sitcom stars playing storybook characters in Christmas panto productions."

Not exactly raves then. But Pan did at least get a little love from Robbie Collin in the Daily Telegraph, who praised the film for having "a certain timeless buoyancy that keeps it bouncing back".

Subject: Re: Pan film panned

Written By: Philip Eno on 09/21/15 at 1:10 pm

Rotten Tomatoes has the rating of 57% for the film "Pan", it will be interesting to if the figure changes as more people see it.

Subject: Re: Pan film panned

Written By: #Infinity on 09/21/15 at 3:06 pm

Personally, I'm just upset about Rooney Mara being cast as Tiger Lily.  Like come on, this is 2015, why is it so hard for Native American actresses to land Native American roles?  I can somewhat understand The Lone Ranger, only because Disney was attempting to create another 'Pirates', but this is just completely absurd, especially considering Disney was already generous enough to give the title role of Pocahontas to Native American actress Irene Bedard two decades ago.  I would have expected more from Disney here, especially since this isn't an animated princess film mostly produced to sell large quantities of toys.

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