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Subject: Paternity Shows

Written By: LyricBoy on 03/14/16 at 4:14 pm

So today I am working from home.  May as well have the TV on while I am at it.

Anyway there seems to be no shortage of these "Who da Daddy" shows where they do a DNA test to determine who is the father of the cute kid whose photos they show.  Sometimes it is a multiple choice test; I've seen a DNA Lineup of up to 5 potential baby daddies.

The results usually fall along one of two lines:

Negative Test
The DNA test comes in and the 'suspect' is NOT the father.  Usually he does a little sack dance, and throws high fives to the audience.

Meanwhile, the mother, who by now has tested 4 or 5 guys with nothing to show for it, runs into the green room sobbing.

Positive Test
The DNA test ID's the perp as indeed the father.  Usually the dude says "Well I am going to do the right thing and step up".

The mother showers him with "I told you so's".

Now here's my question...  Why is there apparently an endless supply of unwed mothers and their jump-offs who are willing to go on national TV to air their dirty laundry? ???

Subject: Re: Paternity Shows

Written By: Foo Bar on 03/16/16 at 10:58 pm

So today I am working from home.  May as well have the TV on while I am at it.

People find it amusing enough that they watch it for long enough that HEY THAT PSYCHIC MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP YOU GET OUT OF THAT WESTERN SKY PAYDAY LOAN DEBT WITH J.G. WENTWORTH AND LOSE BELLY FAT NOW! they get to see the sorts of commercials targeted at the sort of demographic that's home at those hours, whether thery're working or not.

If you sat through even one commercial break - and you must have, because you know the answers as for "who the daddy is" come only after the commercial breaks - you answered your own question in the first sentence.

It doesn't take that many people signing up for a loan at the low, low, rate of 116.73% interest to keep the show producers and the advertisers rolling in the green.

Subject: Re: Paternity Shows

Written By: LyricBoy on 03/17/16 at 4:30 am

Don't for get those "If you need a structured settlement and you have cash now" commercials that run during the day too. I mean, just how many people out there have a settlement they'd like to pawn at pennies on the dollar? ::)

Subject: Re: Paternity Shows

Written By: Ripley on 03/17/16 at 4:29 pm

Those payday loan places. So you guess what you're going to get paid and get it the day you go in. Then give them your check plus some more. They say interest is only a few dollars starting the day your late. But I bet there's always a fee even if you pay early. The car title loan ones are always being advertised too. So for a measly $200 not getting paid back in time you lose your car.  All loan places are a scam. But they know people need money and will air it. Maybe people are more vulnerable if at home during the day instead of work. 

Those paternity shows are crap. I remember when Maury was a great show. Does he no longer have control over what's on there? I can tell he'd bored with it. Some of those cases are fake I think. Just like the old Jerry Springer episodes where people were acting like sweaty WWE wrestlers, throwing chairs. Evidence? A girl I once knew almost went on and she had a script. I believe that most of Maury's are real though. A bunch of trashy Slu**y girls. And then the scumbags that act like that one time where they got busy with the girl nothing could have happened.

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