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Subject: John Carpenter returning to Halloween for Blumhouse

Written By: ChrisBodilyTM on 05/29/16 at 7:15 pm

The Weinsteins/Dimension Films lost the rights to Halloween back in December, which have reverted back to Miramax. Now it looks like Malek Akkad (Trancas International Films) has found a new home for Michael Myers. Malek is taking the legendary horror IP to Jason Blum's Blumhouse (the micro-budget production company behind slow-burners such as Insidious, Sinister, and The Purge). But that's not all.

John Carpenter is returning to executive produce, and possibly score. No joke. This will be Carpebnter's first involement in Halloween since he and Debra Hill sold their rights to Moustapha Akkad in 1984 and he and Hill washed their hands. (Hill's final involvement was getting Dominique Othenin-Girard to land a meeting with the late Akkad to direct Halloween 5... way back in 1989.)

The younger Akkad has been a part of the franchise since Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. His father died in 2005 in the Amman Hotel Bombings in Jordan. Debra Hill also died in 2005 from cancer.

Carpenter's last film was 2010-11's The Ward, which I thought was pretty good, but reviews are mixed-to-negative.

Carpenter and Blumhouse plan to return to the roots of the original film and its bloodless suspense style. Carpenter plans to treat Michael Myers as The Shape, a force rather than a character.

This is exciting. We've been needed a Halloween movie like this for years. It's been almost 7 years since the last Halloween, and almost 18 since the last genuinely good one. It's about time karma slaps Rob Zombie in the face; you know you screwed up Halloween royally when John "I hate the sequels" Carpenter has to come back.

Subject: Re: John Carpenter returning to Halloween for Blumhouse

Written By: 80sfan on 05/29/16 at 8:07 pm

I actually enjoyed RZ's Halloween II.

This is the longest we've ever gone without a Halloween film though.

Subject: Re: John Carpenter returning to Halloween for Blumhouse

Written By: Baltimoreian on 05/29/16 at 9:51 pm

As a big fan of the Halloween franchise, I'm good with it. John Carpenter barely gets anything out of the horror movie industry since the late 80s, but his latest film was good. If the next Halloween is a reboot, then I hope it's good.

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