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Subject: Idea for a new musical movement

Written By: HeyJealousy on 11/12/17 at 6:21 pm

I coin it the "SoFlo Sound".
Loosely derived from the cowpunk scene of the late 1970s-late 1980s, this eclectic new genre/movement will be a hybrid between country, pop-punk, southern rock and occasionally rap.
It may receive mixed critical reception, but will become the voice for disillusioned blue-collar youth in an increasingly tech-dependent 2020s (I guess it should really take off by 2024-2026, but will be a growing underground movement by 2020-2022). Because of its anti-establishment lyrical content, some will liken it to being a voice for Bernie Sanders' populist supporters.
Because of its powerful riffs, some may liken it to "power pop". It may also involve electronic instruments, synthesizers, etc. It will replace "bro-country" as the brand new "hip" country movement, occasionally sticking to country's roots WHILE incorporating both punk and southern-rock influences.
I'm not saying that my idea/prediction WILL come to fruition, but I am contemplating starting a band that is pretty much "alternative country" and "southern rock", with punk influences. I want to be the one to inspire this new movement, whether it really takes off or not.

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