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Subject: The self-help & alt med movements in the early 2010s were more genuine

Written By: christopher on 05/11/18 at 11:28 am

I've been witht he alternative help and health movement since about 2011. Back then I discovered binaural beats and they were very effective for anxiety, depression, colds and sinus issues. I don't think it was placebo as the newer, fake ones do not work and the old ones still work. Not only that but back then (2010-2014) the self-help industry was more focussed on people loving themselves but recently it has turned into too much woo woo stuff like chemtrails, water fluoridation outcry, chakra and anything from Hinduism. ;D

The old binaural beats, rife frequencies and the like brainwave entertainment videos really helped me. Most of the new ones are totally fake, especially the ones with subliminals or chakra/meditation music. In fact after starting those newish subliminals videos my life turned to worse, I guess they put non-desired subliminals inside. The rest new videos are ineffective meditation music, nothing else but a nice, slow music posing as waves, you can barely hear any waves, isochronic tones or binaural beats.

I want to warn you most of the post-2014 videos on YouTube either cause bad effects or are fake.

I've been using brainwave entertainment since about 2008 on and off but recently I've found out the only ones that work are all ones I downloaded from YouTube before 2014 or their reposts by someone else as sometimes videos got deleted and channels closed. But the original, post-2014 ones are crap.

I think the brainwave entertainment thing has become an industry and unfortunately lots of scammers have jumped on the bandwagon. Let me summarize:

Then (2000s to 2014): Mostly pure binaural beats, rife frequencies, brainwaves, isochronic tones mostly about treating anxiety, depression, diabetes, sinus problems, colds, against viruses and ilnesses, etc.

Now (since 2014): All kinds of meditation music and subliminals masked as binaural beats claiming ridiculous things like "changing hair color", "changing race", "making your balls/boobs huge" (lol!), etc. Some of them even make anxiety/depression worse.

Too much saturation, bandwagon jumping and ridiculous requests by YouTube comments have made finding good new binaural beats etc. very difficult.

Here's a good chanell from back then with many videos with pure rife frequencies:

Compare this:

To this - one of the less effective new ones. Yes, the first ones sounds terrible, but it actually was effective against what it stated, but this isn't:

It's not just pure vs fancy music either as back then even the fancy music ones were more effective:

This is a repost from 2015, but the original was uploaded somewhere in 2011-2013. Compare it to this new one which is much louder but less effective:


Subject: Re: The self-help & alt med movements in the early 2010s were more genuine

Written By: christopher on 05/11/18 at 5:53 pm

What was about positive affirmations and boosting self-esteem ("I love and approve of myself" or "You love and approve of yourself") has turned into chakra-whatever woo-woo. Now all self-help books are full with things of the magical thinking realm like chakras, singing bowls, etc. which might not help at all and could even make things worse.

Ditto for brainwave entertainment and all those isochronic tones, binaural beats, rife frequencies etc. The simple ones like pure tones/waves/rife frequencies or ones with waves+wind or/and rain, birds, light music are usually the ones that work good. The ones with all the bells and whistles (key words like: reiki, chants, singing bowls, zen music, meditation music, angels, spiritual cleansing, karma cleansing) are usually useless for anything, they cannot even make you sleepy or calm! ::)

I'd also suggest avoiding those with subliminals, you never know what subliminals they put in there. :D In fact they give me creepy vibes. Also I don't even know Sanskrit or Arabic, how can I be certain the speaker is saying what he/she claims to be chanting?\

But many are less sinister and just fishing for views by praying on people's insecurities like suppposedly changing eye/hair color, making your sexual organs/breats larger ;D, making muscles, losing weight, making your nose smaller, changing your height/gender, teeth whiter, etc. They are wothless, yet they get thousands views. While such frequencies, tones and the like were not proven nor disproven by scientists, the old ones at least made my anxiety and depression bearable if nothing else (although I swear the sinusitis ones really made breathing easier). I know it's not placebo, because they still work after all these years while countless newer ones I've downloaded since 2015 fail to affect me in anyway. I'm afraid the whole area has gone into hippy/granola type territory. :)

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