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Subject: 2000s vs 2010s comparison: Exhibit South-Eastern Europe

Written By: christopher on 05/11/18 at 2:14 pm

The Balkans is a special place in Europe. In many ways we can pass for Latin Americans - heck, even some of our tapestry and home made pottery look like the ones from Latin America and Mexico (somwhat like swifts and swallows both evolved to be look alike despite not being related). Our women wear more make up than most European ones and our famous celerities dress and look on par with famous Latinos and Latinas. It was the case back in the 2000s and still is the case now.

So here's how their style evolved. Left is before, in the 2000s, right is now:

Hair extensions, fake breats... I've always seen the similarities between hot actresses on telenovelas and our popfolk/chalga singers.

What is most evident is they no longer show the more carefree jeans+top look from the 2000's. Now they usually wear dresses or suits in music videos, showing a more high-class living. This is in commong with most stars abroad as well - tank tops and jeans are rarely seen those days in pop videos, maybe only in country, rock and hip hop ones. In the 2000s browns were not seen in hair, most were either bleach blondes or very dark brunettes, whether natural or darkened. Nowadays most prefer the chocolate look, very few black brnettes left in the business. Some blondes also went chocolate:

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