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Subject: Rapper Jimmy Wopo - The Rest of the Story

Written By: LyricBoy on 08/07/18 at 7:09 pm

Mr. Wopo was lamented as rap's "next best thing" and in today's style was also lauded as a "poet" before he was gunned down June 18 in a drive by.

A Western Pennsylvania district Federal grand jury has sort of a different take on him. In an unsealed grand jury report, Wopo was found to be the leader of Pittsburgh's 11 Hunnit gang, which was responsible for several murders, robbery, drugs, and general mayhem, often aimed against rival gang the Wavy Boyz.

Since it is difficult to prosecute a dead man, the grand jury elected to not indict Mr. Wopo. However, three of his fellow Hunnits were indicted on RICO charges. The newspaper article does not mention if they are also poets or not.  :-\\

It appears that there is not much interest amongst law enforcement figures to find out who killed Wopo, either.  :-X

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