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Subject: Gen Z are more accepting than previous generations

Written By: xris on 08/13/18 at 7:12 am

Bullying was so prevalent on 80s-early 2000s TV, that it was normalized and promoted by the media. That's one thing I don't miss at all.
Now being a nerd or a non-nerd who happens to not be perfect and much into sports is not frowned upon like back then and TV helped transition into such acceptance. Glee, High School Musical, The Big Bang Theory, etc. would never exist in the 90's/early 00s as back then it was uncool to be into art, singing, or nerdy stuff in high school. The movie 21 Jump Street showed how things have changed for the better in high school.

Applies to real life, too. I find that most Gen Z are more accepting of personality quirks. I hate working with people born before 1994 as they're more superficial and judgemental and have the jock/princess/cheerleader-worship syndrome. I'm like Carly Rae Jepsen, looking and fitting in more with Gen Z! :)

Recently an 80's born laughed at me at a work interview as I said the flexible working time would be great for my hobbies like being a TV extra. A gen Zer would be more accepting. Most of my (1988 born here) and previous generations are more close-minded and into poking fun at ppl. "Gen Zs are characterized as less judgmental and more accepting of individuality.":

It's no wonder I find I fit in and like their culture better to gen Y culture. :) In 1990-2004 TV shows it was normal to be a snob abusing others and yet to be admired. Even some main characters had that snobby aura (e.g. Friends, Popular, OTH, the OC). So post-2005 shows are better.

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