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Subject: Wesley Cook Gets to Appeal Again

Written By: LyricBoy on 01/01/19 at 8:05 am

Convicted cop killer Wesley Cook (perhaps better known by his alias, "Mumia Abdul-Jabbar", gets to take another bite at the apple to try and get off the hook for executing a Philadelphia cop back in '81.

Ultimately his case will end up (again) in front of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and he'll be rebuffed. This is Pennsylvania, we have not much tolerance for murderous cop killers, does not matter the party affiliation of the Supreme Court justice.

Here's a good article by a reporter who was never hoodwinked by the "Mumia Abdul-Jabbar" scam:

Having lived and worked in Philadelphia for about 12 years, I happen to know a few things about the murder of Officer Danny Faulkner. I've talked to the prosecutors and to Abdul-Jabbar attorneys, read the transcripts, studied the appeals and visited the scene of the murder.

And without qualification, hesitation or a shadow of a doubt, I can tell you this:

Mumia Abdul-Jabbar is guiltier than O.J.

On Dec. 9, 1981, Officer Faulkner made a traffic stop on Abdul-Jabbar's brother, Billy Cook, who put up a fight. Abdul-Jabbar happened upon the scene, and shooting began. Faulkner ended up dead, and Abdul-Jabbar was shot in the chest.

A gun registered to Abdul-Jabbar, with five chambers empty, was on the sidewalk. Four witnesses who saw all or part of the shooting implicated Abdul-Jabbar. One witness said that after Faulkner went down, Abdul-Jabbar stood over him and sealed the deal with a bullet through the head.


It's true that the 1982 trial was a circus, but that's because (Cook) wanted it to be. His own attorney told me that (Cook), a Black Panther, considered himself a revolutionary and didn't want a legal defense. He wanted to make a political statement. At times, (Cook) was removed from the courtroom because of his outbursts.

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