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Subject: 2011-2012 school year

Written By: mc98 on 01/25/19 at 10:07 am

7th grade in middle school. 2011-2012 was also a great year for me. It was the first core 2010s year and the peak of early 2010s.

This year was the breakthrough of EDM such as We Found Love, Titanium, Feel So Close. It was the peak of Dubstep when a lot of people kept blasting it in our bus. It was the start of the Indie/Hipster music with songs like Pumped Up Kicks, Somebody That I Used To Know, and We Are Young. This was a big year for Adele where she had two #1 hits this year and her Grammy appearance was viral.

It was the peak of Pop-rap with songs like Work Out, Young, Wild & Free, Stereo Hearts, Good Feeling, and, The Motto. Electropop was still popular this year with Domino, Starships, Stronger, and You Make Me Feel. One Direction broke out this year and made a second coming of the boy-band mania. Justin Bieber made a comeback this year and tried to be very mature but got mocked.

For games, Skyrim was freaking huge this year, people in my school couldn't stop talking about it. This was a huge year for Minecraft since the full version released this year and got massive attention. App games like Temple Run and Fruit Ninja were very popular and people couldn't stop playing it on their devices lol.

This was the first year where people had smartphones more than feature phones. I remember when I went on the first day, most of the people in my class had an iPhone. This was another peak year for Facebook and I also heard of Instagram in November 2011 because it was on the top installed apps. The memes were huge this year, I saw rage comics and top-text and bottom-text memes everywhere.

Politically, it was the start of the 2012 election. Like I said in the 2012-2013 thread, it was a much better election than the 2016 election but it was boring so I didn't pay attention to it.

Subject: Re: 2011-2012 school year

Written By: mc98 on 01/31/19 at 11:08 pm


Subject: Re: 2011-2012 school year

Written By: Dundee on 01/31/19 at 11:13 pm

This is the school year where I started really struggling with High School, and I have some quite bad memories with math in particular ;D

Pop culture was fairly nice, dunno what else to say. 2012 is overall fairly underrated on here.

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