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Subject: The hipster subculture in shape decline

Written By: Kid of the 2000s on 04/09/19 at 1:53 am

Yeah so I know a lot of guys on here speak cryptically when we  we talk about "hipsters" and everyone seems to have their own definition of what they mean which is annoying my definition of hipsters which coincides with the general use of the term  which has taken on subtle nuances and evolved with the different eras of the 2010's,  different looks of hipster coming and going since 2011 to 2015 to 2017, the rugged gentleman style like you were ready to go hunting or fishing was hot in 2016-mid 2018(ish), which also was the peak of the undercut and lumbersexuality and beards, differed from the hipster look of 2015 slightly when these things weren't at their peak,  and especially of 2010-2012 (the undercut didn't even exist then for example), but in 2018 there  looked to be a decline for the first time unlike the other years were it just took on different permutations, (yes in the late 10's the goofy glasses became less popular in the mid 10's and were pretty much non existent by 2016), but the spirit of the movement remained strong in 2016 and 2017 and early 2018, skinny jeans were a given and hipster influence were ubiquitous in clothing which still had the rose petal tattoo influenced artwork on, hipster beards were at their height, these looks are getting dare I say it passe in 2019, if you think you understand what I have said feel free to drop a comment, but I don't want to hear how any year pre-2018 was decline if you say that you didn't understand what I said in which case don't comment.

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