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Subject: People would tell you to forget the past, here's what I think.

Written By: Early2010sGuy on 08/03/19 at 1:22 am

You may say "Early2010sGuy, this is literally nothing related to pop culture!" We'll get onto that story a little later. What I want to talk about is what to forget, and what not. The past is what we hoped for, good or bad, it can go right, it can go wrong. The reality is that the future is our destiny, and theres nothing we can deny about that. Once we reach our destiny, it's like a present, coincidence, huh? But that present becomes the past as well, as usual. But I wanna talk about what to forget and what not to forget.

For the things we need to forget about, are our mistakes. Like everyone says, once you advance, you cant go back. We all make mistakes, nobody's perfect, like Miley Cyrus said in 2007. That's part of human nature, but we learn from them. We all have our ups and downs in life. Just because you do something wrong, like fail tests or hurt someone, it doesnt mean you're a bad person, theres always a good in everybody. That's why we learn, because if we repeat our mistakes, we wouldn't know, unless people criticize you, and you must handle criticism well, or else, it could hurt you. Another thing to forget are the things you dont like. Like me for example, I dislike modern mumble rap like Lil Pump, NBA Yungboy, 6ix9ine, etc. However, I got through it, that's why pop culture exists not only in a linear form, but in different ways. Old pop culture like Y2K Pop R&B or Teen Pop helped me get through the culture I didnt like, which is why pop culture exists to motivate you, or the other way around. However, you should always focus on the good.

What you shouldn't forget about is how you started. Never forget where you start, this is very important if you're starting a career, so you can tell the story about your life to other people and inspire them to start their own career too. For example, you were once poor and left out your family in age 16 in Miami, but you just kept working on it and trying your best to succeed, that's what Iggy Azalea had to go through, which is what inspired her to make the song 'work,' and no I'm not talking about Rihanna's or Fifth Harmony's version. Hard work never goes unrewarded. It also tells you about the background information of what inspired you to be a singer or actor. What you also shouldn't forget about is your childhood pop culture. Let's say you were born in the 90s and grew up in the Y2K era. You listened to NSync, Backstreet Boys, or TLC. If that defined your childhood, never forget about it, because you can tell your friends about what you loved about your childhood, and what you grew up with. Also, if you remember about your childhood, then older pop culture generations wont be forgotten and uncredited for their talent and hard work. Like I mentioned earlier, if you dont like today's music with Emo Pop or Trap forms, your childhood music is there for you to listen to, if you're bored.

Anyways guys, I hoped you enjoyed my message. I know it's very long and can get a little cheesy/corny but I just wanted to share what I got inspired by, so I can inspire other people too to move forward in life. Post your thoughts below, and I'll give more updates for this thread in the future. You can also tell your stories about your dreams and how you started, and what you love in pop culture.

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