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Subject: Is "American Horror Story" losing relevance?

Written By: Mat1991 on 11/09/19 at 12:38 am

It is one of the defining shows of the decade. Its popularity peak was in the middle part of the decade. I remember having a pizza party with friends to the season five premiere.

Now it seems to be losing steam. It's being overshadowed by Stranger Things, which is to the late 2010s what AHS was to the early/mid '10s.

Sure, it still has its fans. Here and there I'll see episode recaps on social media for the current season. I myself stopped watching after season six. Personally I wasn't interested in an entire season focusing on the previous presidential election. I have a feeling a lot of other people felt the same way.

Does anyone here still follow the show?

Subject: Re: Is "American Horror Story" losing relevance?

Written By: woahjoey on 11/09/19 at 2:03 am

I agree with you. I think fans got tired of a strong beginning and fizzled and/or rushed ending season after season. I recently watched Apocalypse and I really enjoyed it as it turned into a Coven 2.0. But I think they did that as a way to bring back fans who ditched the show during Cult, or "the election one". 

For me, I stopped seriously watching the middle of Season 4, so pretty early on. It just got too messy and I didn't care anymore. I was excited for the Gaga season (of course!!!) and then once again stopped caring. I enjoy the current 1984 but only have watched 2-3 episodes –– my boyfriend and I are suckers for all things 80s horror and homoerotica :P

But this does remind me of Orange is the New Black and its very quick downfall. It was one of the most talked about shows when it first came out but somewhere down the line it just lost its spark? Similar to you with AHS, I used to have watch parties with friends and we would watch several episodes at a time but that kinda suddenly stopped? Anyway...

Subject: Re: Is "American Horror Story" losing relevance?

Written By: Mat1991 on 11/09/19 at 12:47 pm

The first three seasons can't be beat and are what I would consider classic AHS.

Murder House had an engaging plot and characters. Asylum felt like pure riveting horror. Coven was fun to watch. When I streamed Freak Show, I found that one to be the most difficult to get through. It wasn't terrible, but definitely one of the weaker seasons I've seen. I never saw the Hotel finale even though I kind of got into it. Roanoke was amazing because it went back to the show's pure horror roots, and it was based on the historic lost colony of Roanoke, which I find fascinating.

I have yet to see the next three seasons.  :P

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