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Subject: The 2010s in Video Gaming: A Decade in Review

Written By: LooseBolt on 12/02/19 at 6:50 pm

Hey all, for anyone who's interested, I have written a "top ten" blog post of sorts about video games of the 2010s called "The 2010s: A Revolutionary Decade in Gaming."

The blog post is a "count up" of the most game-changing releases of the decade, including a top pick, a runner-up, and five honorable mentions for each year, from 2010 to today. When I say game-changing, I'm talking about those games that pushed the envelope throughout the decade and defined the trends that would come to dominate the industry and the medium for the past decade. I would copy the text of the post here, but there are a buttload of videos, and a ton of text too - I don't want to crap out the server. But there are some really great picks and I would love your thoughts and some fruitful discussion, so I would love if y'all would take a look, and I would be interested in hearing your guys's picks for the decade.

Apart from that, it would be cool to be able to discuss some of the prevailing trends of the decade, such as the rise of the Metroidvanias, the revival of the rogue-like games, the popularization of genres like MOBAs and battle royale games (like Fortnite and Overwatch), the renewed interest in super-difficult games and 2D/2.5D graphics, etc. I'd love to hear all your thoughts about these things, and maybe what you hope for/expect to see in the 2020s.

Happy discussing!

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