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Subject: Gen Alphas are being raised by algorithms on YouTube Kids

Written By: duenas8 on 03/24/20 at 12:33 am

A couple of years ago, while I was on the bus I saw a little kid holding a cellphone next to his mom and when he apparently was watching a video for kids on YouTube, he was actually playing random videos and switching them every 10 seconds without any interest in finding a good content. On reflection of that moment, it’s very similar in the way that many undecided 90s kids did zapping on a tv switching it between CN and Nick, but when it comes to Internet, the provider of that content is completely different, it could even be a 40 year old man who only wants views for his channel, so what happens when an entire conglomerate of content focused on children wants to maximize its views in order to get revenues, that’s when they start to play with the YouTube algorithm and making massive AI random content with a creepy result, a 3 year old child can’t even read so putting a coherent title is not even relevant and let’s make tons of random videos with Hulk and pregnant Elsa so the kid will switch it every 5 seconds.

Now imagine this scenario, it’s 2040 and most young adults have been raised by YouTube Kids and having a dancing purple Spider-Man and Johnny Johnny in their subconscious, they will surely feel nostalgic about it, so entire industries will make content in order to satisfy their nostalgia. Those Random AI videos made by an anonymous Indian company will be part of the nostalgia of those depressed 2040’s college students and to think that it all started with Elsagate...


Subject: Re: Gen Alphas are being raised by algorithms on YouTube Kids

Written By: Sman12 on 03/24/20 at 9:24 am

I honestly hate parents who leave their kids unattended with free YouTube content on their tablets and phones. It's probably one of the major downsides to being an Alpha.

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