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Subject: People don’t take climate change seriously enough

Written By: goodbants on 09/13/20 at 12:50 pm

It angers me that there have been a couple of the biggest fires in recent history and yet people still don’t believe in climate change. I look at the bright orange hues of Oregon and California and feel sadness and despair. We really don’t know what we have it in for. Scientists have been warning us about a pandemic for a while now. Everybody ignored them, and now look at what we’ve gotten ourselves into. You would have thought we’ve learned something by now. The effects of climate change will be worse than we can even imagine. The human mind can’t comprehend it. That’s why we are in denial.

I am scared for the future. I am angry that I had to be born into this generation. I am angry at previous generation’s apathy and carelessness, their disbelief and selfishness. Like seriously, how can you look at the huge fires, hurricanes, and floods of the past few years and not see that the earth is literally burning at the stakes? Also watch this video please


Subject: Re: People don’t take climate change seriously enough

Written By: wixness on 09/13/20 at 1:27 pm

I blame the overwhelming influence of market and religious fundamentalism that dominates the American psyche and probably did so for much of the 20th century, or even earlier (Marxist regimes too are to blame for placing environmental concerns as next to last, and prioritizing planned economic development), where science is sidelined to ridiculous amounts.

Subject: Re: People don’t take climate change seriously enough

Written By: wagonman76 on 09/13/20 at 2:05 pm

Old article but it’s still valid as we are at 2 million acres, compared to 3 million or even 52 million acres in the past. I know it’s easier said than done when it’s someone’s house in the path of the fire, but fires were always part of nature. We have repressed fires for so long that they now ignite easily and become a disaster of epic proportions. I blame population growth taking over the forests. When you try to fight Mother Nature, she always wins in the end.

Subject: Re: People don’t take climate change seriously enough

Written By: Slim95 on 09/13/20 at 3:06 pm

I wish people took the environment more seriously rather than just "climate change" which is a term that has become highly politicized. But actual ideas on keeping lakes fresh and preserving natural ecosystems and implementing policies to do these things would be nice. If more politicians spent time doing that instead of going to UN conferences and trying to reach ambiguous targets then actual change would happen, just my two cents.

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