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Subject: Am I weird for liking 2020s and why is 2010+ ignored by many people

Written By: Girli on 01/08/23 at 10:17 pm

Ok so I hope this doesn't break the rules or anything :-\\ but I am 21 years old and I never used the internet pre-2010 so take most of my "opinions"as a grain of salt but I think the 2020s are great decade sure were in a lot of "crises" right now but that has been going since the dawn of humanity. I just trying to figure why people hate this decade and the 2010s I mean it could be worse, many people say there is bad "music","todays internet" is horrible but TBH most people never look for good music and just make assumptions I mean there Spotify, youtube, etc where you can discover good music in ANY DECADE, same with internet there a lot of great niche sites and heck, even youtube channels other niche things on mainstream social media but for reason after only 9? or 10 years of the first decade of the 21st century people are giving up and saying were all doomed and everything sucks after 2009 but we never let this century reach its fullest potential yet the 10's/20's are NOTHING compared to the 1930s/40s or before in history where alot of bad things that would be considered illegal today where LEGAL back then and there was not internet/SM, etc that pushed back or raised awareness of said bad things  , I have a lot of hope and doubts for this century I rekon it'll be storm before the calm. But how are y'all enjoying this century so far? and do you think I am ignorant/anomaly  for having this world view, I think people should move on? being on a 9 year loop is boring and I like to embrace the future but that just me.

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