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Subject: Rank the Early 2020's years

Written By: batfan2005 on 01/24/23 at 2:57 pm

Now that the Early 2020's are over in a few months (numerically anyways), how would your rank the three years? DISCLAIMER: this is not intended to be a "suck" thread. It's about how you rank them from your MOST favorite to least (not necessarily suck). You can rank them based on your personal memories, pop-culture, events, etc.

For me it's 2021 that was overall the best with 2020 not too far behind, then 2022. 2021 was pretty good overall as it was the in-between year when we have gotten used to living with COVID and the vaccines first came out, and Russia has yet to invade Ukraine. My personal best memory of the decade so far was in April 2021 when we did the most traveling (and for pleasure, not work). We flew to Seattle and spent a few days there, then rented a car and drove through Oregon and down to San Francisco, and flew back from there. I was feeling bitter about the later half of the year with my new job, canceled travel plans (because of the new job), a house flooding damage/repair situation, the Delta/Omicron waves, inflation, the impending Russian invasion of Ukraine, etc; but looking back I seem to just remember the good things. Pop-culture was pretty good as well with a lot of good movies such as Dune and The Tomorrow War, and the music was decent (although 2020 has it beat in the music department) and streaming Squid Game.

2020 was also pretty good for me overall even though the "COVID shock" of the spring months put a damper on things. Things started to calm down in August through the end of the year (and continuing into early 2021). I remember it for working from home from March, and feeling a sense of peace when turning off the news/social media and heading out, even though we had to wear masks and social distance. Also the pop-culture seemed to really make up for it. As mentioned earlier about the music, and a lot of good series to watch like Big Sky, Queen's Gambit, etc. I didn't watch Tiger King though.

Even 2022 had some good moments, in the summer months, even though I'm usually not a fan of summer weather-wise. It's just how things worked out. But of course being married to a Ukrainian the situation over there was a huge damper and was pretty much the highlight of the year. Also the pop-culture of that year left a lot to be desired aside from just a handful of good movies, music, and TV series.

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