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Subject: Wild Tchoupitoulas

Written By: Sammy Reed on 06/10/02 at 08:31 p.m.

    Does anyone out there know about the Wild Tchoupitoulas? They are a "black indian tribe" that performs concerts at Mardi Gras every year, and in 1976 made an album now available on CD.
    The Wild Tchoupitoulas started when a group of indians took in runaway slaves to live with them. These black slaves, and their ancestors to this day, have taken on indian customs and sort of unofficialy call themselves a "black indian tribe".
    I learned about them late last year when a public TV station showed a documentary about them. It showed some clips of a concert they did, and a line in one of their songs, "Wild Tchoupitoulas gonna stomp some rump", intrigued me. So much so that I wondered if this group could have possibly recorded an album of these songs that maybe I could order online.
    After looking them up (and finally learning how to spell Tchoupitoulas), I found out that they did indeed record an album, and that CD's of it were now available. So I ordered one.
    These songs are pretty unusual. There is a pretty good amount of "soul" to their music, almost to the point of questioning the "indian-ness" of it. "Indian Red" is a neat jam session, even though the "gonna kill 'em dead" line scares me.
    Anyway, I think their album has some pretty good music, and if anyone else out there knows about the Wild Tchoupitoulas, please reply here.

Subject: Re: Wild Tchoupitoulas

Written By: Zella on 06/10/02 at 08:43 p.m.

I have that album on a cassette tape. They are a great band! "Brother John" is my favorite.