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Written By: KtelChick on 05/22/03 at 07:41 a.m.

Along the lines as the That 70's Show thread...  I think the movie "Dazed and Confused" is an absolute masterpiece!  As TSS is literally my home life on TV, D&C is my high school on the big screen!  I've seen that movie over a dozen times and it still makes me laugh...from the opening scenes of "Sweet Emotion" to "Slow Ride" under the credits at the end, this movie is classic '70's.

Hey, if you happen to be in Austin Texas at the end of May, come on up to attend the 10th anniversary of this movie---the cast and crew will be here---PARTY AT THE MOONTOWER!!  


Lisa The K-tel Chick

Subject: Re: DAZED and CONFUSED

Written By: Arcfire on 05/22/03 at 09:29 a.m.

That movie was terrific! I only wish to have one for the 80s now!

Subject: Re: DAZED and CONFUSED

Written By: dagwood on 05/22/03 at 05:51 p.m.

OMG, I love this movie!  I think I know what I will be watching this weekend. ;)

Subject: Dazed and Confused 10th Anniversary Party

Written By: KtelChick on 06/03/03 at 02:34 p.m.

I'm going to post this in parts, 'cause it's too long...

Well gang, the first thing I can say is WOW!! That was so worth  $200 (both me and hubby) to be a part of what we witnessed Saturday night! I'll try to get in as many details as I can remember...here  goes: Got there at 5:15p.m. (gates opened at 5:00) to find a huge line  of cars convoying in to the Walter E. Long Park gates. The VIP  passes allowed us to park in the first row, next to the VIP tent  (very cool). We made a bee-line right to the tent where there were only about 50 people roaming around inside, waiting for  the free BBQ dinner. Grabbed a free beer (one of many) and our  free poster and t-shirt and I scanned the tent. There, standing  less than ten feet from me were both Terry Moss (Coach  Conrad) and Richard Dillard (Pickford's father) and their wives!  No one was around them, so we simply went up to them (with  camera and D&C book in tow) and struck up a conversation.  They were both so cool. Hubby got a picture of me with them  and they happily signed my book (Hubby was so funny. Terry  was talking to him for a pretty long time and he (hubby) kept  calling him "sir," like he was talking to the coach...HAHHA!!

After a great dinner we staked out our place in the VIP  section seating area, where there were only a few dozen people.  We found a great place near the front and spread out the quilt we  brought and again, headed back up to the tent. I noticed that both Terry and Richard were wearing blue "CAST"  badges, so I started eyeballing the tent for similar badges. I  spotted a girl, who I honestly didn't recognized, so I just went  right up to her and said "Hi, I love your glasses" (she had these  cool glasses on), and after she told me where she got them, I  said "I noticed you have a "CAST" badge on, what part did you  play in the movie?" She told me she was a "senior girl" in the  film, who didn't get a speaking part. She noticed my book and  asked to look through it. 'Lo and behold, there was a picture of  her, on page 19! She was so excited when I told her that I  wanted her to sign it ("My first autograph," she said). Her name  is Emily (can't read her last name), and I didn't see her name in  the credits when I got back to look her up on IMD, but that's  cool...I think I made her night.

So I began to notice that the press was starting to gather outside  the VIP tent, near the red ropes into the tent. So hubby and I  headed to the very front to wait for arrivals. Joey Lauren Adams  (Simone) was the first to make her way down the aisle. The Austin cops tried to get us to move back, and someone said that  she didn't want to be crowded, so we all moved back. But as soon as she hit the tent, the flood gates opened! She was incredibly cute and looked exactly the same as she did in  "Chasing Amy." She signed my book and posed for a picture  and I again moved back to my prime position.

Then I noticed the guy from the Mountain Dew commercials...  (you know the one where he goes up against a mountain goat  and gets his head bucked). I pointed him out to my husband  and we both said, "I wonder what he's doing here?" When it  dawned me...OH MY GOD, he played Carl...it was Esteban  Powell and I never put two and two together! DOH!!! I couldn't get  his autograph 'cause everyone swarmed around him shouting  "DUDE!!!" It was pretty funny.

Richard Linklater was next down the press line. Got his attention when I showed him my D&C book and he literally spent five minutes talking to me and my husband about how cool it was, and how this was him (pointing at a picture in the book) in shop class in 1976.  Hubby asked him about re-releasing D&C for a special edition DVD and he told us that it was being made right now and the video being taped at tonight's show was going to be used in it.  He was very nice and thanked us for coming.  He gave me a huge hug, an autograph and a picture with him.  ...pretty cool.

Then Parker Posey showed up. What an incredibly cool chick... I  mean it, she was so approachable. Everyone was shouting her  name when she came into the tent, but I yelled "Parker you were  great in A Mighty Wind," and she came right over to me. She said  "I'm so glad you liked it, we had so much fun making that movie." I told her that I loved the soundtrack and we chatted a bit more  (got two pictures with her and she signed my book).

-End of Part One--

Subject: Part Two

Written By: KtelChick on 06/03/03 at 02:35 p.m.

THEN ALL HELL BROKE LOSE--- Matthew McConaughey was  coming down the press path. The Austin cops (both female)  were joking with us "You people act like he's Jesus Christ or  something!" The mostly female group literally were pushing  their way to the front. When he arrived he was so incredibly unapproachable that it wasn't even funny. He had security around him so tight, you could barely see the top of his head! I  decided to follow him as far as I could go and snapped a ton of  pictures of him as he chatted with old Austin friends. He didn't  sign any autographs that I could see, but man oh man, does he  play to the ladies!! After waiting what seemed like 15minutes for  him to approach us, I said to hell with it and started walking back  to our quilt seating.

On the way back that's when I saw Michelle Burke (Jodi  Kramer) just standing there by herself, with no one around her. I  just went up to her and said "Jodi, thank you so much for coming  out tonight." She gave me a huge hug and hubby took pictures.  Then she signed my book and we chatted for a few minutes,  about everything from my necklace, to what she's been up to lately, to how hot it was in Austin.  Just incredibly friendly.  Then Parker Posey came up and put her arm around my shoulder and asked if I had a cigarette she could bum.  I told her I didn't, but Michelle had one handy.  All three of us talked for a few more minutes about how hot it was (102-degrees), and just how cool of a town Austin is and they looked through my book (again).  Then they both were summoned to come up on stage.

They introduced a few of the cast  members before the show. Matthew, Jason London, Rory  Cochran (wearing a large bandage on his right hand), and Nicky  Katt were introduced (Nicky Katt looked like hell with a full beard  and clothes I think he slept in the night before).

The movie started and I headed back to my quilt. The big  outdoor screen was awesome. It felt like we were at a drive-in movie. There was a very brief intermission to change film reels  then the second part began. It was very magical, especially when the fireworks from the gigantic Republic of Texas biker rally  (being held less than five miles away) lit up the night sky.

After the show the cast all gathered again for more introductions,  (Wiley Wiggins was there, plus Sasha Jensen, Deena Martin  (Shavonne), Christine Harnos (Kaye), Mark Vandermeulen,  (Tommy), Jeremy Fox (Hirschfelder), Christin Hinojosa  (Sabrina), Catherine Morris (Julie) and David Blackwell (Liquor  Store Clerk)... I hope I'm not missing anyone.

The Q&A was the only down-side to the whole event. They had  roaming microphones and no one asked any questions, just a bunch of screaming women yelling "We Love You Matthew!!!!"...then some idiot asked Nicky Katt if he was  really an asshole (what a jerk), then some drunk idiot asked  where the Emporium was, then proceeded to scream that he  could beat everyone in foosball. It was the downer of the  evening, but the cast handled it well. Got Sasha's, Wiley's and  Jason's autographs while they were on stage and took a ton of photos. After it was over we headed back to the VIP tent, while the  thousands of people attempted to leave through the one exit in  the place. While I was standing there I saw David Blackwell (the  Liquor Store Clerk). He was so sweet... We talked for a few  minutes about how great everything was and he signed my book  "Eat a Green Thing!" (Isn't that GREAT!!). WHEW!! I think that's everything. I'm sure other folks will have  things to add. Overall, it was excellent time. I couldn't believe  how accessible people (minus Matthew) were. I mean to go  right up to someone like Parker Posey and just shoot the sh*t  with her was pretty amazing!