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Written By: bgred1221 on 07/16/03 at 03:51 p.m.

I have had this song stuck in my head since I saw this corney type of 80s movie. It's an older movie and it might be fromt he late 70s. The movie had something to do with teenagers and putting on a show in their school I believe (I only caught the end of the movie). Anyway I would love to know what the song is called. The song is sang by all the kids as they are putting on the show at the end, they are all dressed up and have candles in their hands. The song's lyrics go "One more time, sing a song, with a power in our voices hopefull and strong. Years from now, somewhere down the line, we'll remember and we'll all sing one more time." If you could give me any info on the title of this movie or the song i would much appreciate it. I know its a long shot but somebody has to know

Subject: Re: PLEASE HELP

Written By: JustPassingThrough on 07/17/03 at 05:02 p.m.

Can't help you with a movie, but it is a Michael Bolton song called "One More time":

Don't look back
Don't be scared
We've got dreams and we're still young
Just think about how far we've come
Think of all
We have shared
It's a wonder we survive
But here we are and we're alive!
Can we hold on, hold on?
Take a moment to celebrate
Now before we are gone
Take a moment to celebrate
There's music in the wind
Let's dance one more time
There's a rhythm deep within
Let's dance one more time


One more time
Sing the song
There's a power in our voices
Hopeful and strong

Years from now
Somewhere down the line
We'll remember and we'll all sing
One more time

Subject: Re: PLEASE HELP

Written By: Race_Bannon on 07/18/03 at 00:11 a.m.

There was a TV movie called Cotten Candy, it was the name of a band of high school "outsiders" and there was a big competition at the end that took on the establised "cool" band.  I remeber the rival bands money song was I shot the Sheriff
A very cheesy flick.