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Subject: Marian the Librarian?

Written By: Dory on 03/27/04 at 10:24 p.m.

Does anyone remember the PBS show I believe it was called "Marian the Librarian".  In the show Marian was held captive by a witch who made Marian create stories for her.  Marian would create the stories by placing objects in a machine and then out the other end would pop a book and of course the objects she put in would have something to do with the story.  And then Marian would read the story to the witch and of course us the viewers of the show.  I also remember her talking into a mirror, like she was talking to us the viewers?  Things like "what would the witch like her story to be about today", "what objects should we add to our story".  I can't remember the title of the show.  The opening credits of the show had a song telling the story of Marian being captured and showed the witch chasing her.  Any one else remember this?
Thanks for your help.

Subject: Re: Marian the Librarian?

Written By: SammyReed on 03/28/04 at 11:25 a.m.

    This show was called "Once Upon a Time". It was produced by Nebraska ETV. I know that because I used to have a big-dish satellite system in the 90's and could watch the Nebraska ETV Network on it.
    There was another show they made called "Star Lore", with the same woman playing the princess or whatever and the same woman playing the evil whatserface. It was the exact same kind of show except they changed a few things (The good-girl was held prisoner in a spaceship, etc.) They used the same people for quite a few of their shows.
    This was one of many 15-minute educational shows airing on public TV stations. Some stations still run them during school time, but some are now running them late at night so teachers (or whatever) can tape them to play in school later on.

Subject: Re: Marian the Librarian?

Written By: dory on 03/28/04 at 01:23 p.m.

Thanks so much for your help, people around here were looking at me like I was crazy when I would talk about.

Subject: Re: Marian the Librarian?

Written By: AL-B on 04/08/04 at 06:27 p.m.

I remember another Nebraska ETV-produced show, this one with an ancient Egyptian theme, called "Reverse The Curse." I think all these shows had a lot of the same actors.

Subject: Re: Marian the Librarian?

Written By: SammyReed on 04/10/04 at 08:19 p.m.

I think all these shows had a lot of the same actors.
End Quote

    Yeah ..... EXCEPT that babe on "The Art Corner"! I kept wishing I'd see her at least do a cameo on one of those other shows ..... but darnit, nope. ;)
    At least I have 2 episodes of "The Art Corner" saved up on tape from my big-dish satellite days, so not a total loss.