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Subject: dance fever

Written By: chris on 12/8/2000 at 10:52 p.m.

i just submitted what i remember to be the facts about this show. when i searched it, i was amazed to discover that there was no info. about it at all! how can one not remember Deny Terio and Motion???
the reason i was searching it was to find out if like solid gold it is ever shown on like t.v. land, or if there is a video archive that can be accessed. I would kill to see some episodes of this show.
also, i don't believe that that show was on the air until 1987- the one fact that my search did find. i graduated high school in '87 and would remember if that show was still on then.
disco was dead by the early 80's anyway....
any info on this show would be much appreciated. also, please correct my fact submission if it is wrong. i think the info is pretty good though...

why did this little disco gem not get revived along with all the other disco movement?

Subject: Re: dance fever

Written By: Aj on 12/9/2000 at 7:32 a.m.

Tacky as the show was I loved watching it even after the disco era ended and Denney Terio was injured in an accident and replaced by actor Adrian Zmed, then of TJ Hooker. Rumors are they
got the job because they were all lovers with Merv Griffin. Remember Putting on the Hits where people lip synched that show was hysterical and there is a show on now close to it called Your Big Break, but its their real voices.

All I have remaining of Dance Fever is part of an episode from 1984 with Charlene Tilton as guest singer and judge and Alex Trebek was another guest.

I have quite a number of complete Solid Gold episodes, something VHI doesnt show anymore.