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Subject: Stickie Wickies???

Written By: Happy on 09/07/04 at 11:25 am

okay i dont even know if i am spelling it right. BUT does anyone remember stickie wickies? they came on a card like thing, the stickies looked like Q-tips with stickie wax stuff on the ends instead of the cotton. the wickies were strings of stickie wax substance and you could make things out of them. like stick the Q-tips together to make houses or use the wicks to stick together to make shapes.


Subject: Re: Stickie Wickies???

Written By: cml on 02/12/05 at 1:40 pm

Yes, I remember them! They are now called Wickie Sticks (sp?) and are used a lot as reinforcements, or rewards for children with special needs, particularly the autistic. - I'm a special ed teacher, and use them a lot! - c

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