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Subject: 70s jewelry?

Written By: Alissa on 10/27/04 at 4:18 pm

Our company is having a 70s costume contest Friday and I'm trying to figure out what types of jewelry were worn then.  I was born in '78 so have NO recollection!
Thanks in advance for any replies :o)

Subject: Re: 70s jewelry?

Written By: CatwomanofV on 10/27/04 at 8:16 pm

Mood rings
Peace signs
Smiley face (yes, it was started back then with "Have a Nice Day")


Subject: Re: 70s jewelry?

Written By: Marian on 10/27/04 at 9:32 pm

::)Puka shells,gold s-chains,strings with plastic fruit with a bit out of them---jeez,don't they have 50s parties anymore?? ???Cheers!

Subject: Re: 70s jewelry?

Written By: AmericanGirl on 10/27/04 at 10:05 pm

I remember really big hoop earrings were in.  Lots of silver too (I think turquoise was popular then).  I recall wearing chokers too, on metallic hoops.

My favorite earrings were medium sized silver stars.  I loved those earrings then.  ::)  If you can find jewelry with the popular "icons" (eg. ladybugs, flowers, frogs, hearts, stars, rainbows, mushrooms) that would be good. 

Of course the ever-popular peace sign.  And mood rings.

Don't forget to find a pin-on round metal lapel button or two - buttons were very popular then, especially if they said "peace", "love", or something like that. 

Subject: Re: 70s jewelry?

Written By: Alissa on 10/28/04 at 12:42 pm

Wow thanks for the ideas! My mom found a silver & turquoise bangle bracelet and is making me a matching braided leather headband, belt and choker.  I have a peasant top w/bell bottom hiphuggers and some platform boots (not very high tho).  She also gave me a green denim vest she suggested I decorate with peace signs, flowers and diff. 70s slogans.  I'm not sure tho b/c I won't have any other green on.  She says it doesn't matter b/c noone matched in the 70s!!
If we can post pics here, I'll post one after I'm all "70's decked out"
Wish me luck!! There are 2 $300 first place prizes!!

Subject: Re: 70s jewelry?

Written By: Harleyrock on 10/29/04 at 12:58 am

hey anyone remember "Keep on Truckin?" one of my favorite patchs ever....Along with Smiles, Peace sign. and of course .....My Harley Patch!
i did the 70's at work last year,John Lennon Glasses down your nose.the Gauze shirt....But we Matched to the T, Maybe the late 60's Early 70's as they were so fried they couldnt tell what they had on!
Happy Hippie Halloween!!!
  Rock on

Subject: Re: 70s jewelry?

Written By: Alissa on 10/29/04 at 11:55 am

Well I didn't place in the contest :(  There was only one other flower child and the rest were disco 70's costumes.  And .. little did we know ... that we had to perform too!! Showmanship was one of the judging factors. Unfortnately, flower girls didn't do much dancing so I had to stay in character and twirl my hands around in circles.  The other flower child grew some cahunas and rolled a napkin up to look like a joint and walked on stage "smoking" it.  SHE GOT FIRST PLACE!!
Oh well .. it was lots of fun seeing the costumes and performances.  I've had a lot of people tell me that I looked the most "natural" 70's of 'em all.
Thanks again for the ideas!!

Subject: Re: 70s jewelry?

Written By: ONEBADMK8 on 11/05/04 at 2:39 am

Remember the "Freedom Train" in 1976 ?

Subject: Re: 70s jewelry?

Written By: KimberIndy on 11/06/04 at 10:15 pm

Mood rings and puka shell necklaces just scream 70s for me. My sister was a big fan of chokers, but I never liked that "I'm being strangled" feeling.

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