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Subject: Strange stuff on a TV station

Written By: Sammy Reed on 10/28/04 at 9:33 pm

     I found out some interesting stuff about the odd stuff aired on WSNS-TV in Chicago in the early 70's.


"On April 5, 1970, the station debuted on channel 44. In response to a FCC edict that stated that a station must serve the public interest, WSNS embarked on a novel idea- all news.

In the early years of its existence, WSNS aired a continuous alpha numeric feed of news reports supplied by the wire services. In the evenings, however, its programming got somewhat bizarre. Each weeknight WSNS aired a program called "Heart Of The News," in which a scantily-clad very attractive woman would lay across a red satin heart shaped bed and read the news stories of the day. Viewers did not know what to make of it and the program was short-lived."

And from

"But here was a station unlike any before it. In an attempt to carve its own niche in the viewing public's eye and in typical Chicago UHF boldness, the station offered no announcers, performers, or programming...instead a alpha-numeric news ticker (similar to teletext reports you see on your local government cable channel today) appeared on the viewer's screen continuously throughout the day. And while it may have been a novel move, the idea didn't sell and the station struggled to stay on the air, run by a staff, many with no broadcasting experience, and no idea what they were doing. Not since TV's earliest days had viewers been subject to such on the air snafus as dead air for minutes at a time, commercials running upside down or backwards. The station was a mess.

By the end of the first year, it was clear that the alpha numeric display could not continue and the station slowly began to air additional programming, beginning with a bizarre program titled "Heart of The News." Viewers were shocked to find their local news reported by Linda Fuoco, dressed in a revealing negligee laying across a red satin sheet covered heart shaped bed. Desperate for programming, the station owners jumped at the chance to air the show. The program even became a subject of a TV Guide article in 1971.

When Ed Morris arrived , "Heart" was gone and the station was trying to re-invent itself as an all-talk station."

Well, very long story short, the station is now a very successful spanish-language station. I wonder if anybody out there could have possibly seen any of that stuff? Especially that news show with the gal on a bed. I bet that was a heck of a thing! Dang, I wish they had VCR's back then so copies of that could exist.

Subject: Re: Strange stuff on a TV station

Written By: Gabe Martinez on 01/24/05 at 11:26 am

WSNS-TV Channel 44 is to the early '70's like Chicago Access Network Ch. 19 now of days.They'll just anything go on the air.That was until the White Sox came along and it shaped up to be a better cahnnel for it. :)

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