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Subject: Song / Artist needing identification

Written By: Harry on 02/28/05 at 10:46 am

This has bugged me for years. Perhaps someone can identify this song and who it was by? Part of the lyric goes "so step up step down, till your brain is broken down, we'll walk way". It was a kind of anthemic type of song. The male singer had a kind of tortured voice and the song builds as it goes, with gospel-style backing vocals on the chorus, which I think went "you'll tire on your feet, you will yes you will". It had a roughly similar feel to other songs of it's ilk around then such as Melting Pot and I Will Survive.  It was out around summer 1972 and although I don't think it got very high in the charts, it seemed to get a fair bit of airplay on Radio 1 at the time. Any help in finally discovering what / who this is, will be gratefully appreciated! I have asked many friends who are knowledgeable about music, but so far no luck.

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