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Subject: Thunderbolt & Lightfoot

Written By: BME on 03/20/05 at 8:40 pm

How cool is this movie?!!! 8)

Anyone a fan? how cool is this poster for a start?!!!

Jeff Bridges and Clint Eastwood

star as a couple of misfits who end up robing a bank out of desperation,  in the process one of our our anti hero's (Bridges) receives a head injury that slowly kills him  :\'(

Such a big gun LOL

Any thought's?

Subject: Re: Thunderbolt & Lightfoot

Written By: ski_luvr on 03/22/05 at 9:05 pm

They found the money behind the BlackBoard in the old school house. And if my memory serves me right he was hit in the back of the head with a gun during a struggle in a drive in movie somewhere I cant remember exactly where but he died from concussion towards the end of the movie while he and Clint were driving away in the Convertible!  I loved that show too I think it was Jeff Bridges that cinched it for me! WHAT A HOTTIE!!!!! :P :-* :D ;)

Subject: Re: Thunderbolt & Lightfoot

Written By: SuspiciousMinds on 03/22/05 at 9:27 pm

Yeah, I picked this up on DVD sometime last year..Very enjoyable movie..
Too bad they wouldn't make more movies like this.The big draw in movies now is made up of a bunch of special effects.Not that the plot to this movie was super in depth or anything,it was more of a fun movie,but at least you got into the two characters that were played by two great actors.
I love that Firebird he stole to. :)

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