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Subject: Trying to find a song and it's driving me crazy...

Written By: classof79er on 05/07/05 at 11:24 pm


I stumbled across this site while performing my 50 billionth search on the web for a song...javascript:void(0);

The song I'm trying to find was played in the St. Louis area (and probably other areas as well) in the mid-70s as the background music for commericials.  Not just any commercials but normally commercials for motorcycle races, monster truck events, and car shows.  Basically it was used on those "SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY!" type events.  It also got airplay on KSHE-95, REAL ROCK RADIO.  It's a rock song with a guitar riff that sounds remarkably like ELO but isn't.  I want to say that the band's name starts with a "C" but wouldn't want to through you off.  I don't remember ever hearing any lyrics.

I know this is a pretty sketchy description, but, this is a pretty darn distinctive piece of music because of it's use in commercials.

Please help.  I've got another class of 79er working on this but we're running out of ideas....javascript:void(0);


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