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Subject: 1979: More 70's or 80's?

Written By: Marty McFly on 05/20/05 at 7:56 pm

As I've pointed out before, I think '79 was the first year when things began to become 80's-like (although traces of 70's culture were around until '82 or so -- 1978/9 to 1982 was like the "transitional" period).

I wasn't around for it, but from all I know, disco began to die out, new wave and synthesizers made their appearence on the charts (even if it would be a few more years before they were all over MTV), and technology synonymous with the 80's, such as VCR's were just beginning to make their way into everyone's homes.

Politically I would say it was still almost 100% 70's because Reagan didn't take office till January '81 (he basically was the only president in the 80's), but culturally, I'd say a third 80's and two thirds 70's.

Anyone else have anything to add to this (i.e. stuff I may have missed)?

Subject: Re: 1979: More 70's or 80's?

Written By: RockandRollFan on 05/21/05 at 7:48 pm

Well though disco was dying out, it was still around, but overall I'd agree that '79 meshed with most ways

Subject: Re: 1979: More 70's or 80's?

Written By: jersey_bwoy2078 on 05/21/05 at 11:00 pm

I was flipping through a 1978 Time Magazine and saw an add for the 1980s Toyota Celica.  The bottom right of the page had the copyright year of 1977.  It's evident that the 80s were begining in 1977 in Toyotaland... ;D 
New Wave began in 1977-78 and led into the early 1980s.  As well as computers and synthesizers were coming mainstream in that transitional period.  So yes, 1978/9 would be considered the 1980s as well.  It's funny how the late of a decade and the early of another decade is such a confusing time for comparing and contrasting.  decades should be split up so that it would come out to: 1977-1982 as being a "transitional" period. 

Subject: Re: 1979: More 70's or 80's?

Written By: Bron-Y-Aur Stomp on 05/27/05 at 8:11 am


I think I have to disagree. In my opinion the 70's didnt end until December 31st 1980, especially musically. Yes, sure, in the late 70's the electronic music began to take over, but to me, because this was in the 1970's, I class it as a 70's phenomenon. If there was a transitional period in music from the 70's to the 80's it had to be during the year 1980. Through out this year, to me, the music sounded very much the same as the 70's, but with a more less subtle electronic sound. It is undeniable that the New Wave of the 80's began in the late 70's, but it didnt become fully mainstream until very late 1980, early 1981.

As far as movies go...The 70's ended with the release of Empire Strikes Back. To me, this movie represents everything about the 'new' decade that Star Wars, The Godfather and Jaws did for the 1970's, except with a more cynicle twist.

Politically, the 70's ended in 1981 with Reagan becoming the president of the USA. In Australia the 1970's ended in 1983 with Bob Hawk becoming Prime Minister.

So, for me, culturally, the 1970's ended at the end of 1980. Infact I include 1980 as part of the 70's, as can be evidenced by my 1970's mix tapes and CDs where certain songs from 1980 appear in the track listing. It can also be evidenced with my large magazine collection, in which I place magazines such as TV Week, Australian Womans Weekly, New Idea, Rolling Stone, Vibe and others from 1980 with the ones of the same name of the 1970's.

Just as an additional point, I think good musuic died the day after Band Aid hit our TV screens.

Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

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