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Subject: Mary Quant or other makeup/beauty products...

Written By: Katherine on 07/18/05 at 10:35 am

Still no one remembers Mary Quant? (see other post)

OK, How about Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo?
Loves Baby Soft?
Glossies bras and underwear? 
Those stackable pots of lip gloss? I think there were eye shadows too.
That kind of expensive see through blue face mask that was like glue, that dried on your face?  I saw it in Vogue and just had to try it.
Those beauty or makeup of the month club that you could order the first one for a dollar, then you would have to cancel them before they sent you more at about 20 bucks a month? 

Can anyone add to, or correct my list?

There was a popular drugstore musk, Jovane?  Loves?
Did anyone have eyebrows that were plucked to death? 
Oh yeah, and that really shiny silver eye shadow!
Those silver puzzle rings?

There was a popular deodorant too, can't remember it.
I just love looking back on those old times, I wish there were some scratch and sniff cards.  Aromatherapy!  Bring back those memories about that old boyfriend, kegs, and one time I stoled a lipgloss and a mood ring.

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