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Subject: Your favorite outfits, clothes, perfume, hair & makeup, etc...

Written By: Katherine on 08/09/05 at 12:51 am

I wore "Swabbies...I think they had about 13 buttons on the front...Cant remember

Gunny Saxs tops and dresses.

Anything "cool" from the thrift shops where my mom took me...I would tell my friends that I got the items from my aunt, lol!  Too embarrassed to say I shopped there...I found some cute things though, it wasn't "in" to thrift shop, so there was a good selection all sorts of cool stuff.

Star Jeans

Familare shoes

Tyedyed kneehigh nylons...especially with my wood high heeled sandals.

I had a brown suede short jacket with white rabbit fur collar

I tried to "feather" my hair by combing it back (It was strait and grew forward) the "Farrah" wasn't in yet ...hadn't figured out curling irons, hairdryers or hairspray till later.
I used this cream eyeshadow in pots that stacked on eachother.  It was light blue. 
I remember wearing Loves Baby Soft and my moms Estee Lauder "Private Collection"  Kinda strong and green scent.
I had zits on my forhead and covered them with an "orangey" makeup and bought this kinda expensive peel off face mask.  It was transparent blue and had a brush that you painted on.  It was almost like glue, then it dried.  I think it was about the beginning of face masks being didn't help my zits! 

*** Oh yeah! me and everyone I knew used "Sun In"...Remember that stuff?  All the dark haired girls like me ended up with  reddish "off" colors and the lucky blondes got blonder. 
There was some highlighter that was popular school, everyone with the dark hair got stuck with brassy highlights!  I was about 13 and boy, I wanted to be blonde, cute and fit in with the "cool gang"
Did anybody try to get blonde too???

Also, I want to get a gold necklace that has my name on Carrie's, on Sex in the City.
can anyone help me with this one?  It was a plain gold chain with a cursive name on it.


Subject: Re: Your favorite outfits, clothes, perfume, hair & makeup, etc...

Written By: GREEN67 on 08/09/05 at 5:11 pm

;D  OOOhhh Soo many things I remember..The CANDIES high heels, my striped TOE socks!!, I had a Fave pair of BIGBELLS with a panther down the left very cool!!..My knee high moccasin boots..I wore the Musk perfume  along with the AVON girls perfume that came in the little teddybear..I also wore loves babysoft and Jean Nate..I also had the Rabbit fur coat..I used cans and cans of Aquanet!!lol...I remember that blue mask too!!! it was sooo sticky!....I also was a die hard user of the hair was more orange than blonde I remember the eyeliner that came in the red tube and we would light it with our lighters to get it hot then put it on the inside of the eyes!!

Subject: Re: Your favorite outfits, clothes, perfume, hair & makeup, etc...

Written By: JenX 66 on 08/14/05 at 5:22 pm

wow, yes, I remember all of the above! All so true. I just remem. 'Sun In" turning my hair orange! I grew up in So. Cal. so Dittos  were the big thing for us. Cool pants, shirts, tanks, wish I had them now! First designer Jeans. I reme, going from Sears Garanimals at $16 a pair to $60-100 a pair and my mom was 'are you kidding!' then from there out it was the norm (Sassoon to Calvin Klien, Vanderbuilt, welocome to the 80's!)

Subject: Re: Your favorite outfits, clothes, perfume, hair & makeup, etc...

Written By: gemini on 08/14/05 at 5:37 pm

I had a pair of Hang-Ten jean overalls with all the buttons down the front. The buttons had little feet on them. I begged my mom for a pair of monster bells. They were like seersucker material. I had to have them! I finally got them after alot of whining! I remember wearing those smock like tops that tied in the back. And the jeans that you would add material to the bottom to make them longer. C.P.O. jackets, and levis corduroys were popular. I also wore that cream eyeshadow. It always made a big crease after you wore it for awhile. Herbal Essence shampoo, only came in green then. I had the feathered hair too. Toe socks, platform sandals. Charlie perfume, that flavored lip gloss that was a roll on. I'm sure I'll think of more later. I'm surprised I remembered all of this stuff!  :D 

Subject: Re: Your favorite outfits, clothes, perfume, hair & makeup, etc...

Written By: Katherine on 08/14/05 at 11:26 pm

Oh yeah,
Charlie perfume, My sister had that.  I wanted it, but I think it was more expensive than the others, so I used to sneak a few sprays when she wasn't home...

Come to think of it, she always got the good stuff! 
Just brought a memory about how I wasn't allowed in her room, or if so, she wouldn't let me sit on her bed!
When she was gone I used to go in and look through all her stuff! 
She collected mushrooms.  Did anybody else do that?  I wonder if it was a 70's thing or just something she collected...she also had lots of rainbow stuff and cool silver rings, silver with turquoise, bracelets etc...

I just remembered another perfume I wore, but it was my mom's, Chloe.  It was very pretty floral at the time.  I still see it, but it is "heavy" now

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