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Subject: The movie Voices

Written By: star500 on 08/20/05 at 11:32 am

Has anyone seen this movie? It is great. It stars Amy Irving (from Carrie) and she plays a deaf girl named Rosemarie. She meets a handsome musician named Drew, played by Michael Ontkean (from Twin Peaks) and he turns her world upside down!

My mother and father both have a hearing loss so this movie is especially significant. Amy Irving does and great job pretending to be deaf in the movie. I was almost conviced she was deaf in real life!  There was also a beautiful song at the end of the movie called "I Will Always Wait for You." It brings me to tears everytime I watch it.

I have a question and I wonder if anyone knows the answer to it. In the movie, Drew sings quite a few songs. I was wondering if  anyone knows if Michael Ontkean can really sing or if he was just lip synching in the movie and they dubbed someone else's voice over his. Since I first saw the movie I have wondered about this. My mom claims it's really him singing. I don't know if I believe her.

Subject: Re: The movie Voices

Written By: jackas on 08/20/05 at 12:19 pm

I looked up the soundtrack and this is the only site I can find with information on it.  If you scroll down the page to the song listings, you can click on the song and find out who performed it.  I went through the first five songs and he didn't sing those.

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