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Subject: 70's Themed Dance

Written By: DoorsOfParadise on 08/21/05 at 7:40 pm

In less than a week, my school is having a "That 70's Dance" as a supposed "welcome back" sort of event. I have found a pair of striped corduroy bellbottoms, but I am unsure of what else to wear. Any help for what to wear(jacket, shirt) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Subject: Re: 70's Themed Dance

Written By: cnbpjb on 08/21/05 at 8:22 pm

As I recall, stripes were in for shirts a great deal in the 1970's.  But not just any stripes, stripes that were pastel type colors.  Now that's a plain work-a-day shirt. 

For more special occassions I would suggest you look to John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" for inspiration.

For the jacket you need to get a polyester blend jacket (I wouldn't attempt what was fashionable at the time, because you may not be able to breathe or move about and that is just pure polyester) that is straight colors (no mixing of colors), but white was definitely in a great deal for men's jackets in the 70's (especially late 1970's), definitely follow Travolta's lead in the aforementioned movie and take off the jacket (but fold it up nicely or put it down so you don't wrinkle it up and make sure someone is paying attention to it) when you really are dancing very energetically like Travolta did or even close to how he did.

Of course with it being a white or lighter shade jacket, you might want to take it off when you have to drink something like punch or eat anything.

You also might want to straighten your hair some.  (I hated that about the 1970's, and was thrilled with the advent of such stars as actors Richard Gere, Harrison Ford and Christopher Reeve, all who had or have curly hair becoming popular in 1980 -- or with the advent of the 1980's -- especially since I have very curly hair, which I'm thrilled with, because at 41 years I'm not losing as much hair as other men my age who have straight hair).  Yes straight hair (with very little curls) for even men, were unfortunately the in thing in the 1970's (except for African-American men, then you want to go with an Afro).       

Subject: Re: 70's Themed Dance

Written By: DoorsOfParadise on 08/21/05 at 9:07 pm

Thanks for the advice, that helped a ton. :)

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