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Subject: Dogtown

Written By: Cafe80s on 08/25/05 at 9:58 am

Ok i know that all these new movies based on the 70s or based on 70s TV shows are usually god awful except maybe Dazed & Confused from 1993, but has anyone seen the new Lords Of Dogtown movie yet & what did they think of it? Did it have music from the era or was there some crappy music from now aswell. I ask because it's just come out in theatres today here in Australia & i'm going to see it tomorrow. I've seen a lot of the production photos from the film & i've noticed a lot of the actors don't look much like the real Z-Boys except for the hair & the clothes. I saw the documentary Dogtown & Z-boys & found it really fascinating. I used to skate for a short time before it became such a big marketing gimmick & all the kiddies started listening to all those sh!tty so called "skate punk" bands which they seem to think is a prerequisit if they skate. Back then the skateboards were pretty chunky & only had one kick on the tail & the nose was just rounded & didn't curve upwards like the kick & skateboarding was not as popular as it is now. When i saw the documentary though the cynicism i'd developed for the skate scene was temperaily suspended, then i walked out my front door & saw some young skaters & i reverted back to cynicism LOL.

Subject: Re: Dogtown

Written By: GREEN67 on 08/26/05 at 12:48 am

Hey Cafe...I love Dazed and Confused!!!.... I "KNEW" all those characters in real life!!...I havent seen Dogtown yet but plan to...I did Skateboard for awhile...I had the original skinny board..plastic..bought 5 inches wide..with the turned up end...looked like a banana seat on a bike...I had a yellow one and a orange was alot harder to skate back then..our boards were sooo thin ..not like these WIDE ones they have now...I remember the first Skate Parks too...the Concrete hills and valleys..if you could end up at the ER REAL easy...I used to love to board...Also the rink on Sat nites!!.... The old HUGE skates!!! Rollerblades Scare me!!.. :D

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