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Subject: Help me remember this game

Written By: spiderM9 on 08/29/05 at 11:55 pm

There was this game, it's driving me crazy, here's what I remember...

There was a plastic playing field, I think some kind of wall in the middle so you couldn't see the other players side.
You set up your pieces, I seem to remember they were like little chess pieces, about an inch tall, only with pegs in the bottom.
When it was your turn, you put this little air puffer into a hole and punched down on it.  It had like a little accordion type top, and it blew a puff of air through a channel that ran under the board.  The object was to try to blow one of your opponents pieces out of the hole.
I seem to remember all of the pieces being various shades of green for some reason.

I can't remember if you had to move your pieces around or what the goal was and I can't remember the name of the game.  I also seem to remember other games that used the same little air puffers but I can't remember what any of them were about.

Subject: Found it!

Written By: spiderM9 on 08/31/05 at 1:28 am

BattleBoard.  Took about 8 hours on google, I've probably seen every game I ever played by now, but here it is:

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