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Subject: Gasolin'

Written By: OliverDK on 09/03/05 at 4:33 am

My favorite band of the 70s are without a doubt GASOLIN', in the Nordic countries - Denmark, Norway and Sweden - their popularity reached a level not seen since the Beatles, on July 1st 1976 Gasolin' was the main attraction at "Concert of the Year", a concert which also featured Dr. Hook and Made In Sweden.

Gasolin' mostly sang in danish but did issue two albums for the U.S. marked; "What a Lemon" in 1976 and "Killin' Time" in 1978, "What A Lemon" was really a translated version of their 5th album - called GAS 5 - while "Killin' Time" was written in english to start with, and is - in my opinion - far the superior of the two albums.

Unfortunetly Gasolin' split up in '78 or '79 but today they by many considered the biggest thing to hit the rock scene in little ol' Denmark, for many my age - born in '71 - Gasolin' represents the best of what came out of the 70s, musically speaking anyway, so I was just wondering if anyone here knows Gasolin'.

Gasolin' was

LEAD GUITAR: Franz Beckerlee (a.k.a. Mr. Stonefree)
BAS: Willy Jönsson (a.k.a. The Cross-eyes Swede)
DRUMS: Sören Berlev (a.k.a. Charlie)

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