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Subject: The Day The Music Died

Written By: whiteport on 10/20/05 at 1:36 pm

28 years ago today 10/20/77 The plane carrying Southern Rock Band Lynyrd Skynyrd went down over a Mississippi swamp, Killing Lead Singer Ronnie Van Zant, Guitarist Steve Gaines, Back up Singer (and Steve's big sister) Cassie Gaines and Skynyrd Road Manager Dean Kilpatrick...  R.I.P.  A sad sad day day, Everyone join me in playing FREEBIRD today sometime. Won't Ya? 

Subject: Re: The Day The Music Died

Written By: whistledog on 10/20/05 at 2:22 pm

That was a sad day  :\'(

His brother Donnie carried on the Southern Rock tradition with the band 38 Special

Subject: Re: The Day The Music Died

Written By: Mushroom on 10/20/05 at 3:29 pm

What amazes me is that the "Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame" will not even consider letting them in.

Charlie Daniels has a petition on-line, urging them to allow them in.

The reason I hear most is that because they are "Southern Rock", some people see them as racist.  Which is amazing, since their strongest influence is Blues.  Of course, it can also be because a lot of people miss the real meaning in "Sweet Home Alabama".

A lot of people think that the group support Governor Wallace's stances when they sing "In Birmingham they love the governor, Now we all did what we could do."  What they miss is that right after they sing "Love the Governor", the members sing "Boo, boo, boo", which shows their opposition to George Wallace.  And the line that follows shows their own form of musical opposition to him.

Subject: Re: The Day The Music Died

Written By: alyce on 10/21/05 at 9:38 pm

I remember that day...went out after work with the boss, a small town bar, and some guy asked 'what's new' so I said the first thing that popped in my head which I'd heard on the radio a bit earlier Lynyrd Skynyrd died....the guy was a BIG fan and got real upset. I didn't know who 'he' was, the guy never mentioned they were a band, so for several years didn't know it was a band. Really like those two songs FREEBIRD & SWEET HOME ALABAMA.  :\'(

Subject: Re: The Day The Music Died

Written By: zcrito on 10/22/05 at 2:56 am

Sweet Home Alabama. One of the most popular songs of the '70s, that's played today.  :)

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