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Subject: The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour DVD!

Written By: AH3RD on 11/22/05 at 6:10 am

After a long hiatus, I have returned with some great news!  8)

According to, The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour - The Complete Series will be a four-disc set containing all the episodes from the show in its original running order on ABC Saturday Morning in 1976-77 (758 mins) with full frame (1.33:1) video, and English mono soundtrack (English, French and Spanish subtitles). The set will cost $44.98 US and be available on Tuesday, March 7th, 2006! (Write it down and remember it!  ;D)

Here's a breakdown on just what episodes are on which disc:

Disc 1:
1.      High Rise Hair Raiser / Everyone Hyde!
2.      The Fiesta Host is an Aztec Ghost / What Now, Lowbrow?
3.      The Gruesome Game of the Gator Ghoul / The Great Brain...Train Robbery

Disc 2:
4.      Watt A Shocking Ghost / The Day and Night Crawler
5.      The Headless Horseman of Halloween / The Harbor Robber
6.      Scared A Lot in Camelot / Sinister Symphony

Disc 3, Side A:
7.      The Harum Scarum Sanitarium / Don't Bug Superthug
8.      The No-Faced Zombie Chase Case / Factory Recall
9.      Mamba Wamba in the Voodoo Hoodoo / The Queen Hornet

Disc 3, Side B:
10.    The Frightened Hound Meets Demons Underground / The Wizard of Ooze
11.    A Bum Steer For Scooby / Tin Kong

Disc 4, Side A:
12.    There's A Demon Shark in the Foggy Dark / The Awful Ordeal With The Head of Steel
13.    Scooby-Doo Where's the Crew? / The Blue Falcon vs. The Red Vulture
14.    The Ghost That Sacked The Quarterback / The Injustice League of America

Disc 4, Side B:
15.    The Ghost of the Bad Humor Man / The Lighter Than Air Raid
16.    The Spirits of '76 / The Prophet Profits

Extras include:

Featurette: Eerie Mystery of Scooby-Doo and Dynomutt's History: A look at fascinating history of Scooby Doo as well as Dynomutt, dog wonder. In Their Own Words: The original Scooby Doo and Dynomutt voice actors share memories and voices from their days on these two popular shows. Photo Gallery: The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Files: Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt stills gallery with previously unseen treasures from the Hanna Barbera vault including original character sketches and more!

Below is a JPG of the DVD set's cover art. True, it'll be 4 months away, but it'll all be well worth the wait!  8)

In the meantime, let's SING ALONG!!!  :D

Words and Music by: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera and Hoyt Curtin, published by Anihanbar Music, Inc (BMI).

They've got it all together, and do you know what?
Scooby Doo is hangin' 'round with Dynomutt!
While Scooby Doo is tangling with a spooky ghost,
Dynomutt is doin' what he does the most.

They make a super pair, with a super show to share:
Scooby Doo and Dynomutt!
(Instrumental solo)

They make a super pair, with a super show to share:
Scooby Doo and Dynomutt!
The Scoo-by Doo...Dynomutt Hour!

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