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Subject: "SKITTLE" Games!

Written By: zotsfreak on 12/05/05 at 10:42 am

Anyone like me whom was ages 10 to 14 in the very early 1970

Subject: Re: "SKITTLE" Games!

Written By: Skippy on 12/05/05 at 3:23 pm

Yup, there was Skittle Pool, Skittle Bowling, Skittle Maze, Skittle Top, all table top games. There's also Skittle 9 and 10 pin bowling which are played an alley. Apparently Skittle games can be traced back to the 3rd or 4th century. We have the Skittle Bowl and Skittle Top. The Skittle Bowl game was endorsed by Don Adams, aka Maxwell Smart.

Subject: Re: "SKITTLE" Games!

Written By: RDee on 12/10/05 at 1:47 am

I used to love the Skittle Bowling game, then one day one of my brother's drunk friends peed on it and my mom made me throw it in the trash.

Subject: Re: "SKITTLE" Games!

Written By: bruce on 12/16/05 at 10:07 pm

we had a SKITTLE bowling game with the ball on the chain.  BUT once youstart using the pins as projectiles with your brothers you come home from school and find the game has mysteriously disappeared like so many other toys did  THANKS  MOM  !!

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