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Subject: Horror Help

Written By: coco_pup on 01/04/06 at 5:00 pm

Hi All,

There are 2 movies that I used to love as a kid and I think they would come under the horror genre the only problem is I don't remember their titles. It's been a really long time and they're really rare I think to find.

I can give you a description of each film from my memory which I hope will be able to help me find the titles of these films.

1. This movie I think is set in the wilderness and is about a set of teenagers and could be a blend of sci-fi/horror it has like these monster like creatures and they use these things that kind of look like spear slugs and throw them at people to kill them. I remember this one scene where, the victims are in their car and they're throwing their spears at them and it lands on the front of the car the glass part (it splashes onto the glass gooey stuff) that's all I can really remember about it so hope that helps.

2. This film is older I think and might be from the early 70s or something like that and is set at this high school about two teenage girls they're both witches with these incredible powers. One is good and the other is an evil witch and they battle against each-other the girl with the evil powers is jealous of the girl who uses her powers for good and wants to kill her I remember a scene where they fight in it and they use their telepathic powers when fighting where these objects are thrown across a room at each-other.

That's all I can tell you from what I can remember about them and I'm hoping that someone will be able to answer me regarding my post with some ideas on what they could be called.

Kind Regards,


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Subject: Re: Horror Help

Written By: Carl on 01/06/06 at 10:36 am

In order:

#1- Sounds like the film Phantasm, though I never saw it

#2- That was Midnight Offerings and it was filmed in '81

Subject: Re: Horror Help

Written By: coco_pup on 01/11/06 at 7:50 pm

Thanks for that. The Movie, Phantasm it's set in the wilderness isn't it sort of? I recall the splashing of the sphere thing it lands on the car if that happens then it sounds like the right movie alright.

I'll look into it thanks so much hopefully they're available. 

By any chance, you into other old stuff such as hard-to-find  cartoons, and fairytales? It takes me back you know all the those childhood memories.

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