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Subject: hopeing to see an old 70's comercial

Written By: mikey11211 on 02/01/06 at 5:32 pm

hey all...awesome site...i stumbled upon it looking at all my 70' comercials.
  one i cant seem to find is one my sister and i seem to remember the most....shes 35..and im we were both young! anyways it went something like this......... a boy pushing another boy through the house on some type of gocart.  then they hit a plant and knock it say you pick it up..the other you pick it up...and finially they both pick up the mess.....i think the message was about working together.
  well just wondering if anyone remembered that one.  take care.....Mike in nj

Subject: Re: hopeing to see an old 70's comercial

Written By: SweetAlice on 02/01/06 at 5:49 pm

That sounds familiar. I think it was a public service announcement from the "Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints." From what I remember they did a couple of these all dealing with things like sharing, cooperation, prejudice... They must be on the web somewhere  :)

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